Samsung Reveals Galaxy Fold Durability Test

Samsung will release its much-awaited foldable- Samsung Galaxy Fold on 26 April this year in the United States. But before its official release, a video has surfaced from Samsung that showcases the foldable device’s durability.

In the durability test video, the company’s stress testing equipment are stress testing the device by opening and shutting it repeatedly. As such, the durability of the Infinity flex Display and the phone’s bending capabilities are adequately highlighted.

Samsung has stated that this upcoming device is capable of surviviving 200,000 folds and unfolds, which means a five-year life if a user operates the device 100 times in a day.

The specifications of the foldable device include customizable user-interface that allows up to 3 apps to run at the same time; Samsung’s biggest display on the 7.3 inches smartphone. Further, it adorns as many as six cameras for wide angle shooting.

The form factor has been designed in such a way that the hinges are hidden when the device gets folded to resemble a smartphone. The new display according to the company is 50 percent slimmer than the regular smartphone displays that Samsung fits on its devices, the thin display allows the device to bend seamlessly.

More specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Fold are that it comes with a 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display; 4,380 mAh battery; support for Wireless PowerShare tool which enables this foldable device to charge itself and another device at the same time.

A number of other companies like Huawei, LG, ASUS, etc. are working on creating practical applications of the OLED/AMOLED foldable techniques. The applications may include screen dashboards for cars, foldable television sets, etc. In the future, foldables may not tickle our fancies to the extent at which they do now, which is but natural but undoubtedly the foldable devices will unleash new innovative smartphone form factor. Samsung may not be the first company to mark its presence in the foldable smartphone arena, but it sure has fired the starting pistol.

Royole, you might not have heard about this company, but its claims about being the first company to come up with a foldable is a punch for Samsung. At one of the tech-exhibitions Royole came up with an array of flexible screens that can be mounted on your hat or t-shirt. But for now, users may not feel as excited by a hat mounted TV as by a foldable or rollable smartphone, Sony’s gearing for one transparent and rollable device!

Enthusiastic buyers looking for the foldable to hit the market will have to wait for a few days, and then ultimately decide on the hands-on experience with the device.

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