How to Fix Unable to Send Messages on iPhone

Are you unable to send messages from your iPhone? This can be because of many reasons like you do not have a good strength of your mobile signal, or you are sending the message to the invalid number.

Just go through some of the reasons listed below for solving your iPhone issue and send messages again through your iPhone.

Find Your iPhone’s Signal Strength

There is a possibility that you cannot send messages through your iPhone because of your device signal. You should check the mobile cellular network before sending messages to anyone. In case you are not able to send messages to anyone through your iPhone, this means that your mobile network strength is weak.

You should try to move your device in another place in case your mobile network is weak..

Check Your Mobile Plan Expiry Date

The iPhone users should go through the expiry date of their mobile plan to check that their mobile plan is still active or not. In case they don’t have their mobile plan active or their mobile plan is ended now, then they are unable to send messages to anyone. If they have the mobile plan on their iPhone, then they can send unlimited messages, but they have exceeded their monthly plan of sending messages in case they have limited mobile plan.

Check the latest version of Your iPhone

The iPhone users should always check the latest updates for their device. In case the users don’t update their iPhone yet, then the first thing they should do is to update their iPhone on its latest version.

Once they update their iPhone, then it will solve the software problems. In case the iPhone is still not sending messages to anyone, then it is a better idea to go through its updating procedure.

For updating the iPhone, the users should pair to the internet connection which has good internet speed. For the updating procedure, the users have to follow the steps mentioned below:

•    Go to the “Settings” tab.

•    Open the “General” option.

•    Click on the “Software Update” option.

•    Choose the “Download and Install” option.

Reset the Entire Network Settings in Your iPhone

The users should reset their iPhone once in a month so that all the function of your iPhone works properly. The iPhone network settings include the options just like Wi-Fi networks and their passwords, so the users can easily remove them. After trying all the above-mentioned solution in case it will not solve this problem and still, the iPhone is not able to send messages to anyone, then you need to reset the entire network settings in the iPhone.

Go through the steps mentioned below to reset the entire network settings in the iPhone:

•    Open the “Settings” tab.

•    Go to the “General” option.

•    Go down and after that click on the “Reset” button.

•    Click on the “Reset Network settings” option.

•    Type the “passcode” in the provided field.

•    Click on the “Reset Network Settings” to verify.

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